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DVLA blunder

Thousands of motorcyclists may be on the road illegally after errors at the Government’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency led to documents being returned with entitlement to ride a bike removed. In some cases this has resulted in motorcyclists, who

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Featured Article No.9

Teenage rampage I am a claims investigator who deals mainly with road accidents, and was recently approached by friends about a motor insurance case. One of their teenage offspring had an accident in a car owned and insured by them.

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Featured Article No.8

The speed camera that gives the lie to safety argument By DAVID SAPSTED SPEEDING was not a factor in any of the accidents cited to gain government approval for a new speed camera, it was revealed yesterday. The disclosure heightened,

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Featured Article No.7

Petrol, road tax, maintenance ��?”the costs of running a car always seem to be going up. So here’s some good news for a change. In a special offer, Norwich Union Direct is recognising the safer driving of car owners with

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Featured Article No.6

From The Oxford Times ��?” Friday April 22, 2005 New roadside safety device will give ���ticking off��� to distracted drivers. Drivers who flout laws on mobile phones will receive a public ���ticking off��� from new roadside safety devices in South

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Featured Article No.5

Gain fuel employment Here are 10 ways to improve fuel consumption. 1. Slow down – driving at the speed limit, rather than 5-10mph over it, can make a significant difference. 2. Slow gradually for red lights, which could allow the

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Featured Article No.4

Two slip from Amsterdam Last July we spent a week in Holland at the wheel of a 2.0 Ford Mondeo diesel estate and filled up prior to our return. Being slightly confused by the fuel lines, I inadvertently used the

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Featured Article No.3

Pillar of wisdom Will the problem of monitoring speed at the wheel always be with us? One of the big difficulties is that the driver must keep his eyes on the road, but the speedometer dial is usually out of

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Featured Article No.2

Driving safety group labels traffic-calming scheme ‘dangerous’ A ��60,000 traffic-calming scheme being installed in west Oxfordshire is an “accident waiting to happen”, according to a driving safety spokesman. Driver, motorcyclist and cyclist Mark McArthur-Christie said triangular concrete blocks, which will

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Featured Article No.1

Q- I have received a speed camera penalty by post. The notice tells me I was doing 65mph in a 50mph zone but I know the road concerned and there is a sharp corner that makes it difficult to exceed

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