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Gain fuel employment

Here are 10 ways to improve fuel consumption.

1. Slow down – driving at the speed limit, rather than 5-10mph over it, can make a significant difference.

2. Slow gradually for red lights, which could allow the light to turn green before you reach it. Pulling away from a dead stop uses more fuel than accelerating while in motion.

3. Check tyre pressures regularly, keeping tyres properly inflated will help improve consumption. For better economy still, some people exceed the recommended pressure slightly, but be sure to keep belowthe maximum indicated on the tyre’s sidewall. Check pressures whilst CQLD or you might get a falsely high reading.

4. Avoid abrupt acceleration.

5. Link several short trips together, starting with the longest. This helps to keep the car at peak operating temperature.

6. In winter, don’t let your car idle for long periods. It might be nice to have your car’s interior temperature at the “perfect” setting the moment you step in, but unnecessary idling means zero miles per gallon.

7. Keep your car properly maintained -blocked air.filters, dirty oil and lack of attention to other maintenance items all reduce economy.

8. Calculate your petrol use regularly. By being more aware of your car’s economy; you are more likely to make changes. Sometimes this might mean changing your driving habits -or your car.

9. Purchase a fuel consumption gauge, which can help you see, in real time, how your driving style affects fuel consumption.

10. Cut back on air-conditioning. Most air-con compressors run off of pulleys attached to the motor. This creates drag, which makes the engine work harder. At low speeds, roll down your windows and enjoy fresh air (at motorway speeds open windows create more drag than air-con does). Oh, and never drive with a luggage rack or top box if you are not using it.

P.M Hendon

It would be interesting to know what results readers obtain if they put all this into practice

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