Featured Article No.4

Two slip from Amsterdam

Last July we spent a week in Holland at the wheel of a 2.0 Ford Mondeo diesel estate and filled up prior to our return. Being slightly confused by the fuel lines, I inadvertently used the unleaded nozzle. Fortunately only two litres went in and I immediately added a Further38 litres of diesel A further top-up in Calais got us home with no problem. The car has been fine ever since, returning 43-45mpg.

H.R., Churchdown

There must have been plenty of lubricity in the diesel to let you get away with it. If there wasn’t, the pump would have suffered severe Wear and the resultant swarf would have damaged the injectors. You’ve been lucky. Incidentally, Ford plans to introduce a sort of chastity-belt device for diesel fuel necks to stop unleaded nozzles being used.

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