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Petrol, road tax, maintenance ��?”the costs of running a car always seem to be going up. So here’s some good news for a change. In a special offer, Norwich Union Direct is recognising the safer driving of car owners with a no claims discount of 4 years or more by offering 14 months’, insurance for the price of 121. That’s two months’ extra free cover representing an average saving of ��752.

Leading the way

Norwich Union is one of the country’s leading car insurers, with years of experience in protecting the UK’s motorists.

Included in the benefits of their standard comprehensive cover are:

Year-round, day and night telephone claims service, with no forms to fill in to cause delays in getting you back on the road

Up to 70% no claims discount

Accident recovery, with your car collected and taken to a garage if it can’t be driven after an accident

Unlimited lock replacement.

1 Drivers must have a no claims discount of 4 years or more, take out comprehensive insurance and be over age 21.

2 Based on an average fully comprehensive premium as at 5th November 2004.

A choice of additional options

Among the extras you can add to your policy are: Protected no claims discount

Norwich Union Rescue breakdown cover from just ��27

PhysioFast -for an additional ��12 a year this provides physiotherapy treatment following an accident

Legal services cover to help you recover uninsured losses if you’re in an accident that’s not your fault

Foreign use and European breakdown

Courtesy car during accident repair, theft and loss for just ��5.

Winter warnings

Snowdrops may be shoving their white heads, daffodils poking their leaves through the soil but it’s still winter, and that means taking extra care.

Make sure your tyres have plenty of tread and are the right pressure. Check that your wipers and lights work properly, and top up screen wash

Keep sunglasses handy -dazzle from winter sun can be dangerous .Manoeuvre gently and avoid sudden breaking or acceleration (it can take 10 times the distance to stop in ice and slush) .If you are planning a long journey, check the weather forecast and travel information

Don’t drive in snow unless you really have to, and take with you warm clothing, food, a torch and a spade in case you get stuck.

Drive slowly in fog; use dipped headlights and foglights -and don’t be fooled if it seems to be clearing. Fog drifts quickly and is often patchy.

With acknowledgements to the UK Department for Transport.

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