Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Click here to download an application form, fill it in, and send it to the Membership Secretary with your payment. You will receive a membership pack within a few days and be assigned a tutor within 4 weeks.

How much does it cost?

Initial membership will cost you £30 (£22 if you are 25 or under). This includes a copy of the relevant Roadcraft book – the Police driver / rider training manual.

Is that all?

That’s the cost of joining the group, including the essential training manual, and the tuition. If you’re a motorcyclist, your tutor will have to follow you on their motorcycle, and we ask you to contribute £10 per session to their fuel and running costs. For an average 90 minute session and up to 60 miles covered, we don’t think that’s unreasonable. If you decide to take a test, there’s the test fee on top of that. All this still compares favourably with other advanced driving or riding organisations, and we feel is excellent value for money.

Can I have a taster drive / ride first?

Come along and meet us at one of our Skillshare days, which are completely free!

What if I don’t live in Wiltshire?

If you live somewhere within driving distance of one of our tutors Tutor Locations
or you don’t mind travelling to meet them (the usual practice is for you to travel to your tutor’s home or workplace for the start of a session), you are still welcome to join. If you don’t, perhaps you can locate a closer group by looking at the RoADAR website here.

When can I join?

You can join at any time of year and the price will be pro rata based on the month you join. We don’t have “intakes”, or classroom lectures. Your tutor will be assigned as soon as one is free, and you can get cracking right away.

Do I have to take a test?

No, you don’t have to, but of course we would like you to. Our tutors put in a lot of their time to help you improve your riding or driving, and the test is the natural conclusion of all that training. We want all our associates to feel motivated to take a test, and we endeavour to ensure that everyone gets the best grade they are able to, hopefully Gold!

What will the test cost me?

The test is currently £77 for car drivers or £85 for motorcyclists

What if I’m not happy with the grade I get?

You can apply for a retest at a reduced rate, if you believe you could have done better. A few people are nervous on test, make a mistake, and don’t get the grade they are capable of. The examiners are all keen to ensure that you get the best grade you can, but sometimes things go wrong.

Who are your tutors?

All our Tutors are RoADAR members with a current Gold or Silver advanced driving or riding qualification. In addition we train tutors in the art of coaching, ensuring that they are able to get the principles of advanced driving or riding over to you. Check out our test results page to see our success rate, it’s pretty impressive!

Who are the examiners?

All RoADAR examiners are current or former Police officers with an advanced Police driving or riding qualification. Some of them are or were Police riding or driving instructors. All are trained in the standards required for the RoADAR test. They are professionals, who are keen to see you achieve the highest pass you can.

What happens after the test?

If you pass the advanced test, you can join RoADAR as a full member. This currently costs £40.00 per year, and every 3 years, you will be retested. This helps to ensure that you continue to drive or ride at an advanced level. This is the single biggest differentiator between RoADAR and other advanced driving or riding organisations. We believe a skill must be practised, to be a skill for life. Being retested is the best way to ensure your skills are current and sharp.

What else do you do?

Our Group holds meetings (March, June and September) at which we normally have a guest speaker on a motoring topic. Take a look at the diary dates page for an idea of the topics covered. We have technical sessions, covering topics in more depth. We don’t have classroom sessions, as some groups do, believing the most important learning environment is out on the road. Our motorcycle section go on regular ride-outs, once a month, and our car section have driving days, roughly twice a year.

I’m already an advanced driver, do I have to pay the full membership fee?

If you are a current RoADAR member, you can join our group for the cost of our annual subscription, which is currently £17.

Can I be a Tutor?

If you’re interested in being a Tutor, and you have a current Gold or Silver pass, we’d be delighted to train you as a Tutor. Passing on your advanced riding or driving skills is the most rewarding part of RoADAR membership, and Tutors are always in demand. Please contact the Membership Secretary initially, and we’ll take it from there.