What Our Members Say

We asked some of our members what they’d say to someone who was considering joining Wiltshire RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders. Here are some of their responses…

“Don’t just think about, do it!  We don’t bite and once you get the bug you will always want to improve.”

“You will find you get much more out of your riding/driving afterwards and you are likely to be safer.”

“You will learn so much, become safer and more confident on the roads, and start to see driving as something to enjoy.”

“Enjoy the experience!  Whether you do the test or not you will always learn something.”

“It is challenging and fun to try to get it right.  I think everyone should update their driving skills.”

“Do It!  Do it for yourself!  Challenge yourself.”

“You’ll be hooked!”

“Once you dip your toe in the water, you’ll find there’s something new to learn every day. It will revitalise your riding or driving.”

“Learn to be safer, learn to be better and enjoy the journey…”

“Don’t be a statistic; you can always ride safer by seeing and anticipating sooner!”

“I wish that I had been given the guidance of a RoADAR Tutor when I took my first RoSPA test.”