About Us

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders is a national organisation which is a registered charity with more than 7000 members and 50 local groups.  The North Wiltshire group was founded in 1997.  During the early days the group struggled to become established and it wasn’t until 2001 that it started to take off.  However, by 2013 the group had around 130 members with approximately a 50:50 split between Car Drivers and Motorcyclists (with a number of members being members of both sections).  As these members were based throughout Wiltshire, as well as in the surrounding counties, the decision was made to change the group’s name to Wiltshire RoADAR. This name more accurately reflected the locations of our members.

MarqueeThe group continues to go from strength to strength.  We have an excellent pass rate with many of our Associate members passing their Advanced Tests with a Silver or Gold grade first time.

We have meetings (March, June and September) which usually include a talk on a motoring related subject.  These are usually held at Liddington Village Hall, near Swindon.

SkidCarWe also organise regular social events, such as bike ride-outs and skittle evenings, and additional training and courses in things such as First Aid and Skid Control.  We regularly attend local events, such as Calne Bike Meet and The Emergency Services Show, in order to promote the group and meet like-minded people.