Committee Members Biographies

Committee Members Roles and Responsibilities and Bio
    • Chairmain – Bob Fram

Accountability for Safety and Governance, Point of Contact for RoaDAR HQ and Regional Coordinator, Compilation / Publication of Monthly Newsletter and Bob is also an Advanced Bike Tutor

I took my motorcycle test on an Army motorcycle in 1987 and have had a bike ever since. My father had been an avid motorcycle fan and there had been discussions at home; plus i read automotive mechanical engineering at university which kept me interested.

28 years in the Army meant i had an intermittent relationship with my motorcycles but i also rode many miles in many different conditions (including snow over the Pyrenees due to a lack of judgement!). I had done some advanced car training in the Army but took my advanced bike test in 2015 after a BikeSafe course with Wiltshire Police. I did tutor training in 2016 and took over as the chair of Wiltshire RoADAR in 2017. I only work part time now so have time to marshal at the British Superbike Racing.

I have recently taken up off road motorcycling (great fun with low speed spills!) and still manage to ride about 1000miles on the rod. I still love riding and enjoy it all the more now i have an advanced qualification. I love the tutoring as it helps me be a better rider; being chair provides a different challenge which keeps me on my toes.

    • Hon. Secretary – Mark Sealey

General Activity Co-ordination and Meeting Minutes / Agenda, Point of Contact for RoADAR HQ and Regional Coordinator, Compilation / Publication of Monthly Newsletter, Mark is also an Advanced Bike Tutor

I took my motorcycle test in 2003 after discovering a colleague who spent considerably less time commuting and more time in bed, due to him using a motorcycle and me using a car.

Motorcycle riding opened up a new world for me and I put 140k on my beloved Yamaha TDM900 in 5 years of commuting and touring. This included trips around Europe and Iron Butt rides.

Realising that motorcycles are more vulnerable, I sought to further improve my safety and shave off a few percentage points of risk. I did a Police BikeSafe in 2005 and this led me to advanced training with RoADAR with whom i passed my advanced test in 2007.

I became passionate about the potential for riders to take responsibility for their own safety and not adopt a victim mentality. In 2009 i became a tutor.

Bike i have owned include Kawasaki GTR1400; Yamaha XT660; Yamaha XTZ1200; Yamaha XT700 (current)

In 2017 i passed Rospa’s National Diploma in Riding instruction.

I am active with the Wiltshire group in a number of capacities covering admin of the group and training riders and Tutors.

Now retired i have time to off with my tent and enjoy the scenery

    • Hon. Treasurer – Winston Castle

Financial Accounting and Reporting, Coordination of Test Applications, Booking and Payment of Meeting Hall for Meetings / Events

    • Membership Secretary – Paul Prictor

Coordination of Membership Applications.

I started biking in June 1979 at the age of 16 on a trusty FS1-E, then two years later I passed my bike test on a Yamaha RD 200. I worked my way up to a Yamaha XS 850 by the age of 22. Then marriage and kids put a temporary hold on my on road days, couldn’t afford kids and a bike and the wife said the kids had to stay.

In June 2003 for my 40th I bought a Suzuki 1200 Bandit and have own several bikes since up to todays bikes which are a R1100GS and a R1250GSA. There is also a 1975 650 Ural motorcycle and side car spread around the farm workshop needing some TLC.

I did spend 2 weeks in Mongolia on a beaten up Chinese 150cc in 2016 now that has to be done if you get a chance.

I passed my IAM Advanced test in the summer of 2016 and spent several years riding for the SFW Blood Bikes. Then followed that with a RoSPA Gold in June 2023.

What next? Becoming a Tutor to help others pass their advanced riding.

Last year I thought it was time to move on and add another string to my bow so here I am a RoADAR Associate and Membership Secretary

    • IT Officer – Phill Colbourne

Management of Website,Database and IT systems.  Phill is also an Advanced Bike Tutor

I passed my bike test in 1989 on a Honda H100s, and have been riding bikes continuously ever since. I joined Wiltshire RoADAR in 2016 after attending a skillshare session as I wanted to become a blood biker and needed to pass the Advanced Riding Test. I joined Severn Freewheelers as a blood biker and have been riding regular shifts on their North Wiltshire bike ever since.

I became a Wiltshire RoADAR Bike tutor in 2018 and then a RoSPA Advanced Tutor in 2022.

I currently ride a Suzuki TL1000s, BMW R1200GS and have recently bought a Honda CRF300L Rally and have been discovering the delights of byways and off roading which helps to develop a new set of skills. I love riding bikes and try to get an annual trip into Europe, usually the Pyrenees and have ridden as far as Dubrovnik.

    • Committee Member – Peter Genet

Group member who can represent the group at committee level. Peter is also an Advanced Bike Tutor

I am an engineering project manager working on significant projects across the globe; now based in the UK. I am a chartered Engineer and one of my biggest successes was getting a team of IT engineers their chartered status.

As a project manager, I influence people in getting the job done this costs me a lot of coffee.

As a rider, and tutor for RoSPA, I use my training skills to develop others. I encourage them to come on our short breaks, camping or staying in hotels.

I also drive a VW camper and have travelled extensively in that, having recently returned from a long trip to Greece, other trips include Spain, Portugal and France.

I became a member of Wiltshire RoADAR to prepare and take the Advanced Riding test passing with a Silver in 2015. Since then, becoming a group tutor. Second test passing with a Gold and leading to me go on to take the Diploma in 2018.

First bike was a 1988 K100 RT; odometer suggested it was on 42k miles when i bought it, and two years later it had around 65k on it! Reluctantly I sold that and bought a new 2016 Tiger XRx. The Tiger covered 48,000 miles including commuting, touring in UK and France, the Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000 and many happy miles tutoring riders to become Advanced Riders. I now have a 2015 BMW GS 1200 Adventure TE – what a difference – my smile got bigger overnight and even my wife asks to go out riding as a pillion now!

Whatever I’m riding I always say: We never get lost…. we just don’t always know where we are!

Why do i ride motorbikes Simple.. riding makes me a part of the journey and not just a spectator. You get to smell the countryside; feel the wind, heat, cold and rain! Often in the same day.

    • Committee Member – Gary Franks

Group member who can represent the group at committee level. Gary is also an Advanced Car Tutor

I joined Wiltshire RoADAR in 2013 and in 2015 joined the group committee, holding the post of membership secretary between 2017 and 2021.

After training as a car tutor for the group in 2018 i have gone on to become a fully qualified instructor both on road and on track. I am an approved Driving Instructor (ADI), as well as an Association of Racing Driver Schools (ARDS) Instructor, working for clients like Porsche and Mercedes AMG and for Thruxton, Goodwood and Silverstone race schools. I run my own small race team, racing mostly Minis at Castle Coombe.

    • Social Media Officer – Vacancy

Management and on-going development of the groups Social Media interests (Twitter,Facebook)

    • Bike Coordinator – Mark Sealey

Coordination of Bike Associates and Bike Tutor Allocation. Mark is also an Advanced Bike Tutor

    • Bike Training Officer – David Blackledge

Accountable and Responsible for Continuous Development of new and existing Bike Tutors. David is also an Advanced Bike Tutor

    • Car Coordinator – Dave Venman

Coordination of Car Associates and Car Tutor Allocation. Dave is also an Advanced Car Tutor

    • Car Training Officer – Dave Venman

Accountable and Responsible for Continuous Development of new and existing Car Tutors. Dave is also an Advanced Car Tutor

    • Bookings Coordinator – Les Brown

Coordination of Speakers for Monthly Meetings. Les is also an Advanced Car Tutor

    • Bike Skillshare Coordinator – Mark Sealey

Responsible for Coordination of Bike Skillshare event

    • Car Skillshare Coordinator – Dave Venman

Responsible for Coordination of Car Skillshare event. Dave is also an Advanced Car Tutor