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In most walks of life, training, and re-training, are a common occurrence. Driving is one area where most of us don’t get that extra training. The Driving Test is passed, the freedom of the road is gained, and … that’s it! The rest of our driving lives are spent learning by experience. Bearing in mind that we are in control of a potentially lethal piece of machinery, is this a good idea? Obviously not.

Think about when you last had any further training or coaching in your driving or riding. If someone else is driving you, do you think to yourself “I’m a better driver than him or her”? What do others think about you?

Join the Wiltshire RoSPA Advanced Drivers And Riders and discover how to get more out of your driving or riding.

As a driver or motorcyclist you may have concerns about your safety on the roads today. You may want to make motoring more interesting and absorbing by developing your personal skills. You may despair at the standard of driving and riding that you see on the roads every day and wish to play some part in promoting safer behaviour. Whatever the reason, it is possible that joining our local group could help resolve your problem and also give you the chance to help others in the same situation.

RoADAR is a national organisation which is a registered charity with more than 7000 members and 50 local groups. The Wiltshire Group currently has around 130 members. We welcome car drivers and motorcyclists of all standards. Join us! You will receive coaching on an informal and friendly basis tailored to your individual needs. The coaching will be provided by a volunteer tutor. All our tutors are regularly tested by examiners qualified to Police Class 1 standard. When your tutor feels you are ready there is the opportunity to take the RoADAR Advanced Test. The test results are graded as Bronze, Silver or Gold.