Driving or Riding Assessment

3SeriesMotionWhen was your driving or riding last assessed? If you’re like most people, it was when you took your test; so long ago that you don’t really remember it any more. Of course, you have improved since then, but are you as good as you could be?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking of joining an advanced driving or riding organisation, but you aren’t sure yet. An assessment by your local RoADAR group could be just the way to break the ice, and get you started.

Wiltshire RoADAR is happy to offer assessments with one of our approved tutors.

What you can expect:

  • A session of 30-60 minutes duration under the guidance of an approved RoADAR tutor, with a tutor in your own car for drivers or on your own bike with a tutor following for a rider.
  • A verbal debrief at the end, and an assessment report that will be forwarded to you by post or email after the assessment is complete.
  • Some helpful feedback during the drive or ride, if you so wish.

What will it cost?

The assessment will cost you £15. If you join Wiltshire RoADAR within a month of your check drive / ride, we will discount your membership fee by £5, making the cost just £10.

To apply for an assessment, complete the following Driving/Riding Assessment Application form and send it to the Membership Secretary together with your payment.

Assessment Application Form


You may also be interested in SkillShare, our free driving/riding assessment, that takes place on the first Saturday of the month during the summer season. Find out more here.