Regional Coordinator's Monthly Newsletter

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Regional Coordinator's Monthly Newsletter

Postby Frambo » Tue 27 Mar, 2018 12:27 pm

Here is a link to Richard Howe's March Newsletter ... 06b654e76f

Please disregard the name at the top of the Newsletter it is sent by email to Bob Fram
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Re: Regional Coordinator's Monthly Newsletter

Postby Frambo » Tue 01 Oct, 2019 10:24 am

Midland and south


August has been a busy month with lots of petrol head events visited
by me and it always amazes me the enthusiasm people have for all
form of transport myself included.
I was speaking to a member of rospa at one of these events and they
mentioned that a test result had been marked down for the lack of
overtaking. The examiner explained to the teste that roadcraft states
the need to overtake to make progress. This got me thinking so I
looked at the book and it states ’Do I need to overtake’ this is a very
subjective phrase and I am sure we all have a slightly different view
on the phrase. My humble opinion would vary on the circumstances
and the type of journey, conditions, and numerous other factors. I
would like your views?
I have also been asked about the rospa diploma motorcycle course. I
have spoken to one of the people that runs the new course. It is a
prerequisite to hold a GOLD pass and have a very good knowledge of
Roadcaft and the highway code, the course is 5 days and is designed
to enable the student to teach advanced motorcycling. It does not
teach the student up to the advanced standard as they should

already be at the GOLD standard. The courses are held at different
locations at various times.
I have also had numerous enquiries about the method that the
examiner takes whilst conducting a test. The test can be very nerve
racking and when we are put outside our comfort zone we don’t
always perform at our best. It would appear that rospa has general
guidelines but does not have a rigid plan for the tests. I would like to
hear your views both good and bad in relation to the tests you have
had and the method the examiner took. I am an examiner myself and
will not be offended by any comments.

Thanks Martin Powell
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Regional Coordinator's Newsletter

Postby Frambo » Tue 31 Dec, 2019 11:02 am

Midland and South

December 2019

This is the last newsletter of my first year as your coordinator. It has been a very pleasant surprise when I have visited some of the groups to be met with great enthusiasm (I have not visited all the groups yet), I also realise the work is done without pay well done.
I have recently visited the Gloucester group, I was made very welcome and drank lots of coffee? At the moment they have agreed to put on a regional get together in late spring early summer next year.They have use of a very modern and large Fire station which has a good car park and several conference type rooms, along with a street mock up. I would like if possible different groups to put on themes in relation to advanced driving and riding, so please come forward and volunteer. I think work stations with lively discussion would make for a very interesting day. We would also like to provide ride/drive outs for rospa members and the public. The day is in a very early part of the planning process but we need your ideas.

I have had several enquiries about the training and signing off of Tutors, it would appear that some groups have no way of doing this? I have also heard that some groups with diploma holders would be prepared to perhaps help with this it may involve some travelling. Some form of basic expenses may be requested. The diploma course is perhaps the obvious choice but it is not perhaps everybody’s chosen route into becoming a tutor. So you can either contact me or try a local group near to you to see if a diploma holder is available and willing to train or sign off tutors.

Have a great new year
Thanks Martin

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