What Happens Next?

On receipt of the application you will be forwarded a receipt and a membership card.

Within four weeks you should receive a telephone call from your allocated tutor who will arrange to meet you at a mutually convenient location to begin your preparation. Please note that there are times when demand for tuition is high and there may be longer delays.

If you are a car driver the tutor will accompany you in your own vehicle. If you are a motorcyclist the tutor will follow you on his motorcycle.

All tutors give their time free of charge but motorcyclists are asked to donate £10 per session to help with petrol and maintenance costs.

To make good progress you will have to commit to attending sessions at regular intervals and practise techniques yourself in between sessions.

The teaching is based on “Roadcraft”, the police driver’s handbook, or “Motorcycle Roadcraft”, the police rider’s handbook. Your tutor will guide you through the Roadcraft system and prepare you for the advanced test. Generally you will receive around 8-12 sessions with your tutor.

Book your Advanced Test through the Wiltshire Group. Currently the test fee is £62 for drivers and £68 for riders.  Further discounts are available to members aged 25 and under – click here for details.  The test will be conducted by an examiner appointed by RoSPA.

When you have passed your test you will be invited to join the national organisation as a full member. The national membership fee is currently £30 per year which includes the cost of an advanced re-test every three years. Regular re-tests and attending group meetings helps to maintain the quality and high standards of the member’s driving or riding ability and therefore enhances road safety.